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There are many fly by night carpet cleaning companies out there that are more concerned with cleaning out your wallet than cleaning your carpets.  How do I spot these companies and what should I be looking for when hiring a reliable carpet cleaning company?  Great question.  There are many things to look for.  Your home is your most valued asset.  Hire the best to take care of your carpets.  Don’t settle for just any old company with a carpet cleaning machine.

Where do I find a reliable company?  The internet?  Yes.  You can find a great company on the internet.  However, the internet is a breeding ground for shady companies looking to take advantage of you and not return a valuable service.  Your greatest ally on the internet is Google.  When you do a search for a carpet cleaning company, they will normally list the more reliable companies in the map listings.  The top three companies in the map listing are often the best companies in your area.  To get in that top three, these companies need multiple positive reviews.  Be careful, however, as a terrible carpet cleaning company can be in that top 3.  How do I avoid these companies?  Simple.  Read the reviews that Google has posted.  You can get a great feel for a particular carpet cleaning company by reading these reviews.

A companies website is another good indicator of a good company.  We’ve all seen “crappy” websites.  Websites that are outdated or look like a child put them together are probably a good sign to steer clear of that particular company.  In today’s day and age the internet is where people go for services such as carpet cleaning.  Why would you represent yourself with a “crappy” website.  There are, however, many more factors than the quality of the website.  Are there reviews posted on the site?  Are the backed by the Better Business Bureau?  Are there pictures of the employees?  Do they have any special offers going on?  All of these things can point to a reliable company.

Yelp and Angie’s List.  These are two other websites that provide trusted reviews on service providers such as carpet cleaners.  Yelp is a free service and Angie’s List requires a paid membership, but the cost of the membership may save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.  I can’t imagine the nightmare of a carpet cleaner destroying my carpets and then just hitting the road!  Check these sites out.  They have a lot of good information.

Last and not least.  Word of mouth can be the greatest indicator of good carpet cleaning companies.  Do you like the way your friend’s carpets look every time you visit their house?  Ask them who cleans their carpets.  They will be able to point you in the right direction and even help you avoid “crappy” carpet cleaning companies.  There is no better review than a review from a trusted friend.  There are some really great carpet cleaning companies out there.  Take your time and ask around.  You will be glad you did!

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